Web Applications for Data Sharing

Image courtesy of Julien Collaer

Since its foundation ITHACA supports Open Software and Open Data as a vehicle for collaboration and dissemination of environmental information.

The research project results are published through easy-to-use web GIS applications based on the most common open source software. The architecture is based on a web client (Leaflet or OpenLayers) that retrieve spatial data from a map engine (GeoServer). Therefore spatial data can be stored on a filesystem (e.g. in raster formats and shapefiles) or in a spatial database (PostgreSQL/PostGIS).

This architecture main advantage is that all the software components are OGC compliant so that can be easily integrated in other components. In addition, because of no license restrictions, it can be freely redistributed.

Since the project was initialized by GFDRR, ITHACA started to contribute to the GeoNode development. GeoNode is a geospatial content management system, a platform for the management and publication of geospatial data based on Open Source Software. The key components are GeoServer, PostGIS and a metadata catalogue (pycsw or GeoNetwork) managed in a Django Framework. More information on the platform can be found on the geonode.org website.