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ITHACA areas of competence relate to the acquisition, management and elaboration of geographic and cartographic data. The operational team has deep experience in several areas concerning Geomatics, including Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Territorial Informative Systems.

ITHACA is able to produce basic and thematic cartography through both consolidated and innovative procedures. Additionally, ITHACA has web development capabilities and is able to consolidate and distribute geographic data via the internet, tailoring the outputs to the specific needs of end users.

One of the main fields in which ITHACA is engaged is early warning analysis, specifically anticipating risk in areas that are potentially vulnerable to disasters. Methodologies of elaboration, integration and analysis of data deriving from various sources are deployed to anticipate the location of a catastrophic event and its possible effects on the population.

ITHACA also is using remote sensing and satellite imagery to rapidly determine the impact of a disaster in the first hours after the event occurs.

Emergency Mapping

ITHACA has a long experience in providing an operational emergency mapping service since 2007, both in the framework of the European Commission Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Mapping and in supporting the United Nation World Food Programme response activities.

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A service for monitoring and forecasting exceptional rainfall events, with a nearly global geographic coverage.

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Drought Monitoring

Development of a global drought detection and monitoring system as support to humanitarian operators.

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Web Applications for Data Sharing

The aim of the project is to develop, implement and optimize Open Source web infrastructures dedicated to spatial data sharing and management.

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A distributed geodatabase solution, to store and efficiently share geospatial data.


Flood Hazard

The aim of this project is to provide a tool for flood hazard analysis, by automatically extracting information on the seasonality of water bodies and scenarios of historical flooded areas.

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