Large-scale Execution for Industry & Society

The LEXIS project (Large-scale Execution for Industry & Society) brings together a 16-partner consortium with the skills and experience to deliver a complex multi-faceted project, spanning a range of complex technologies across seven European countries.

The main project target is to build an advanced engineering platform leveraging modern technologies from High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data and Cloud Computing, to demonstrate the benefits of the LEXIS project in the context of three industrial large-scale pilots which are Aeronautics, Weather & Climate, and Earthquake & Tsunami.

Combinations of HPC, Cloud and Big Data technologies are key to meeting the increasingly diverse needs of large and small organizations alike. Critically, access to powerful compute platforms for Small to Medium Enterprises - which has been difficult due to both technical and financial reasons - may now be possible. LEXIS will organise a specific call stimulating the project framework adoption and the stakeholders engagement on the targeted large-scale pilots.

Driven by the requirements of the pilots, the LEXIS platform will build on best of breed data management solutions and advanced, distributed orchestration solutions, augmenting them with new, efficient hardware capabilities in the form of Data Nodes and federation, usage monitoring and accounting/billing supports to realize an innovative solution.

This project receives funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (2014-2020) under Grant Agreement no. 825532.

Lexis 2021