Le vigne insegnano

The project concerns the creation of tools to support didactic paths aimed mainly at lower secondary school. The topics covered are historical, environmental and sustainable development, efficiently conveyed through an ad hoc website that allows access and use to various contents.

In detail, it is a Web Mapping platform that allows navigation of 4 specific itineraries within the Piedmont wine landscape: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato. In addition to moving from one point of interest to another, it allows access to different types of multimedia and interactive content designed specifically for students.

This activity is part of and integrates the existing training project of the Association of which it shares, specifically, the following objectives:

  • Provide tools for reading the landscape and investigating the territory of membership;
  • Promote behavior of environmental defense and awareness of the cultural heritage of the UNESCO site;
  • Promote a sense of belonging to the city community and an appreciation for the history and landscape of one's territory;
  • Supporting teachers through interdisciplinary teaching materials and initiatives that involve students personally.
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