A feasibility study of a series of innovative services aimed at increasing the usability of historical and cultural sites.

The INVENTA Project seeks to investigate the potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, in conjunction with the 5G network and space technology (particularly Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation)

ESA Business

A collaboration with LINKS

Bringing about innovation in the Cultural Heritage sector, specifically by strengthening the following aspects:

Fruition, enhancing visitor experiences with novel, three-dimensional, 360-degree immersive, interactive multimedia material that can be downloaded anywhere on your mobile device;

Accessibility, building visits with interactive guides that can be used remotely, and ad hoc tailoring for the most vulnerable groups of people such as the elderly, disabled people, ill people, hospital patients, or people trapped in quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic;

Sustainability, optimization of cultural site management expenses by supplementing physical infrastructures (signs, audio-diffusion systems, monitors, etc.) with AR-based digital components that are adjustable in real time based on dependent information