Global Land High Resolution Hot Spot Monitoring

Framework Service Contract for Global Land High Resolution Hot Spot Monitoring within the Global Land Component of the Copernicus Land Service (C-GL-HRM) Lot 1 – Operation of the Global Land component: Hot-Spot Mapping

The main objective of this activity is to provide detailed land information on specific areas of interest for the European Union (EU) outside the EU territory. The service will answer to ad hoc requests and focus particularly within the domain of the sustainable management of natural resources. For such areas of interest, including protected areas or hot spots for biodiversity and land degradation, land cover and land cover change products will be provided.

ITHACA is partner in the consortium – led by e-Geos and partnered by Telespazio Iberica – that was awarded the lot 1 contract (operations of the global land component: hot spot mapping) which is structured in 2 components:

  1. land cover mapping — single data;
  2. land cover change mapping.

The final product of the C-GL-HSM service will be detailed thematic land cover and land cover change dynamics mapping and information processed in a standardized and harmonized manner over the requested area of interest. The latter may differ in size and requested detail might vary from area to area.

In particular, Ithaca is responsible for the internal validation of LC and LCC products, aimed at assessing the thematic accuracy of the generated datasets. The blind validation is based on the visual interpretation of an adequate number of validation points (identified through a stratified sampling schema) and the subsequent calculation of the relevant accuracy metrics.