EO data products and services

Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

The provision of EO data products and services based on satellite image processing is one of the core activities of ITHACA since its foundation, representing the bridge between its scientific competences and their practical application for the benefit of the broader community.

ITHACA S.R.L. a s.u. is a fully owned subsidiary company of the non-profit Association ITHACA,  in charge of engineering and operating value added services in response to natural disasters and to support end-customers in various application domains (agriculture, forestry, environment, mobility, etc.) also integrating additional datasets such as in situ data, aerial/drone data, IoT, geospatial databases.

By relying on the Association’s 14-year experience and the transfer of part of the technical staff, ITHACA S.R.L. a s.u. has strong competences in the field of acquisition, management and elaboration of geographic and cartographic data for EO based applications, delivering methodologies, analytical services and technical tools to provide operational geospatial application services.

Board of Directors

Piero Boccardo – President

Alberto Anfossi – Councillor

Stefano Buscaglia – Councillor

Stefano Corgnati – Councillor

Nicolò Russo Perez – Councillor

Operational Services

In the framework of the Copernicus Programme, ITHACA is involved in several activities in the In Situ and in the Service components.

EO Clinic

EO Clinic (Earth Observation Clinic) is a rapid response EO-based solution launched by The European Space Agency (ESA). It supports a wide range of projects and activities related to major banks and development agencies.

About EO Clinic

Copernicus EMS – Risk and Recovery Mapping

The service covers the supply of satellite maps and digital vector datasets to be used for managing emergencies caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, flooding, fires, and landslides) as well as human-made emergency situations and humanitarian crises throughout the world.

About Copernicus EMS – Risk and Recovery Mapping

Copernicus EMS – Rapid Mapping

The Service provides maps of damage assessment and of reference pre-event situation based on satellite images, to support civil protection and humanitarian aid operators in their tasks related to the reaction to natural/manmade disasters.

About Copernicus EMS – Rapid Mapping

EEA Spatial Data Themes

Services supporting the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) implementation of cross-cutting activities for coordination of the in situ component of the Copernicus Programme – Lot 2

About EEA Spatial Data Themes

Hot Spot Monitoring

The main objective of this activity is to provide detailed land information on specific areas of interest for the European Union (EU) outside the EU territory.

About Hot Spot Monitoring