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LEXIS Project Open Call: Large Scale computing resources available for HPC/AI/Big Data/Cloud Application Experiments.

Paolo Pasquali on Feb. 16, 2021

Funded by the EU, via the Horizon 2020 program, the LEXIS Project has launched its Open Call 2020-2021, for Application Experiments able to take advantage of its powerful platform.

Started in December 2020, The Open Call is open to Candidates until the end of June 2021. Selected application experiments can run until the end of November 2021 (this can potentially be extended after November 2021 but outside the Open Call framework and its free of charge computing resources).

Who can submit?

  • Companies from the private sector (any size, any sector) including Start-ups,
  • Academic institutions,
  • Research organizations,
  • Other EU funded Projects.

For detailed information please check the Lexis website and its Open Call pages.

Lexis Open Call

It is recommended to submit projects as soon as possible, as the Open Call will be closed when the Lexis computing resources (CPU/GPU/FPGAs - millions core hours) will be fully allocated, or at latest end of June 2021.

We are proud to announce that multiple projects from all over Europe have been already selected, covering various subjects (engineering, drug discovery, weather & climate, Covid 19...). We will be pleased to welcome many more.

You can register your interest in this Open Call using the registration form.

Stay tuned!