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ITHACA and Piedmont Regional Government together for the production of very high resolution satellite cartography to face the COVID-19 emergency

Luciana Dequal on April 6, 2020

The Copernicus EMS was activated today by the Piedmont Regional Government for the production of emergency maps in support of activities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) was activated today by the Piedmont Regional Government, through the Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC), for the production of emergency maps in support of activities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The data will be produced by the Association ITHACA, founded by Turin Polytechnic and Compagnia di San Paolo, which provides the service in an international partnership lead by the company e-Geos.

Upon request of the regional authorities, the DPC has activated the service in order to test the possibility to derive high added value information from very high resolution satellite data (30 to 50 cm on the ground) in the Turin urban area, with the aim to map two types of features: all temporary medical structures built up until now, and all sites where large gatherings might take place (street markets, spaces in front of shopping centres and supermarkets, public parks, meeting points, transportation terminals and stops, ...). Updated georeferenced data will be useful for the operational management of these structures and spaces with a view to planning the forthcoming actions which will lead to a progressive return to normal activities in the next months.

Prof. Stefano Corgnati, ITHACA President, said that “the Association is a technological excellence and an example of the fruitful collaboration between Turin Polytechnic and Compagnia di San Paolo and it is willing to stand by Piedmont Regional Government and the other local authorities and give them operational support, as proven by the last 8 years of non- stop 0-24h activities in the Copernicus EMS service”. Prof. Piero Boccardo, ITHACA Director, underlines that “today, following the activation of the service by the DPC, the preliminary emergency mapping activities are being started. This is the first activation of the Copernicus EMS service in the world focused on the COVID-19 emergency in urban context and it can represent a useful example of satellite data massive acquisition at national and European level which will be crucial for planning the actions in the next months”.

Maps available on the Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping website.

Imagery, hospital and parks data courtesy of Geoportale Comune di Torino
GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) Public Transport data courtesy of GTT.