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Climate Change: Adaptation and mitigation solutions. Call for applications.

Paolo Pasquali on Oct. 16, 2020

The world is changing rapidly and the ability to anticipate risks and provide effective solutions to face the effects of climate change is more important than ever.

The second edition of the 2nd level Specializing Master’s Programme “Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation solutions” represents a unique opportunity for students and professionals with a scientific and/or technical background to:

  1. Acquire a full understanding of the dynamics underpinning the ongoing global warming and the associated climatic changes as well as quantifying their impact on the natural and built environment.
  2. Receive a complete and detailed overview of the technologies that will drive the transition towards decarbonization in key sectors (e.g. energy, transport, agriculture) and explore how to apply these solutions in real-world situations.
  3. Profit from a think-tank environment promoting the exchange of ideas and expertise with researchers from top-level universities and top managers from the private sector.
  4. Gain practical experience in a well-established network of important companies engaged in the implementation of sustainability strategies in the field of energy production, food production & processing, and service – provision.

Application submission by October, 22nd 2020

More information on the Politecnico di Torino website.