Vanina Fissore


Vanina is in charge of searching funding and tender opportunities in the Earth Observation sector, and in the draft of international project proposals related to geomatic and remote sensing topics for applications in different environmental contexts.

She is specialized in geomatics, GIS, remote sensing data processing and multi-spectral and HR satellite images photointerpretation, geostatistical analysis of remote sensed data, aerial LiDAR data processing and elaboration.

She also is Quality Manager Assistant.

Vanina joined ITHACA in May 2018 as collaborator in the production of thematic maps in support of disaster management within the Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Rapid Mapping.

Before joining ITHACA, she collaborated with the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources (MN, USA), and with the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Grand Rapids (MN), for the processing of aerial LiDAR data as support to forest inventories for forest caracterisation (2014/2015). In 2016 she won a scholarship at DISAFA, University of Torino (Italy) focused on ALS (Aerial Laser Scanner) applications in the forest context, forest characterisation and estimate uncertainty evaluation.

Vanina holds a Master’s degree and a Barchelor’s degree in Soil conservation and forest territory management (University of Torino, 2012), and a PhD in Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (University of Torino, 2016), with focus on the use of geomatics techniques and remote sensed data processing for applications in the forest context, e.g. aerial LiDAR data, optical satellite data.