Stefano Bassetti

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

Stefano joined ITHACA in September 2020 to support the Rapid Mapping project of Copernicus Emergency Management Service.

In September 2019 he collaborated within the research project of Stelvio National Park: recovery and valorization of the Austro-Hungarian shelter in cave of Monte Scorluzzo. His main task was the geomorphological survey of the summit, by mean of UAV Structure-from-motion photogrammetry.

In 2018 he accomplished a II Level University Master in GIScience and Unmanned System for the integrated management of the territory and the natural resources (University of Padova), with a project focused on Photogrammetric Survey with UAV of Scais and Trobio Glaciers (Orobic Alps).

Stefano holds a Master degree in Geological Sciences (University of Milano-Bicocca, 2017) with a thesis focused on structural geology of Tertiary Piedmont Basin in Ovada Area (AL).