Salvatore Morreale

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

Salvatore is specialized in processing, interpretation and classification of satellite data, in the elaboration and assessment of geospatial information derived from Remote Sensing data for emergency mapping and production of thematic maps with GIS (Geographic Information System) applications.

He joined ITHACA in October 2013. Currently, he participates in Emergency Response activities carried out by ITHACA as a production site in the frame of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service – Rapid Mapping module and Risk and Recovery module. He coordinates the ITHACA production team for the fast provision of reference and impact assessment maps in support of emergency logistics and manages the internal trainings of the staff members.

He also works on: i) the assessment of geospatial reference data in terms of availability, quality and consistency for the Copernicus In-Situ component of the EEA Spatial Data Themes Service; ii) the analysis of land cover and land cover changed data by means of satellite image interpretation for Global Land High Resolution Hot Spot Monitoring Service; iii) LiDAR project for avalanche management.

In addition, ha had experience in Geomatics innovative techniques, i.e. Laser scanner and UAVs, gained during the voluntary work in the DIRECT team (Disaster Recovery Team) at Politecnico di Torino (2013-2015). He won twice the Lagrange Applied Research Scholarship holder, related to the themes of Analysis of Soil Sealing using multi-temporal Series of Satellite imagery (2017) and Big Data for Bridge Detection (2018).

Salvatore holds a Master' Degree in Environmental Engineering (Politecnico di Torino, Italy, 2015) with a thesis developed in collaboration with Torino Civil Protection on the "Geomatics for emergency management: Data acquisition using UAVs and Rapid Mapping production".