Enrico Eynard

Urban Planner and GIS Specialist

Master's Degree in Territorial, Urban and Landscape-Environmental Planning.
He gained 9 years of experience as a researcher and worked as a Researcher in the LINKS Foundation in the "Cultural Heritage & Regional-Urban Development" area, where he actively collaborated in various research projects on issues related to the territory, urban planning and related cartographic representations.
One of his main skills is the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) software in various application fields. In the last two years I have dedicated myself to managing projects personally, coordinating processes and resources, verifying progress and interacting directly with the client.
For several years he has been carrying out research activities, in particular he has studied and applied a methodology for calculating walkability in urban areas and in certain UNESCO sites. On the subject he has been invited to various conferences and to give university lectures, as well as to write various publications.
Since 2015 he has been included in the register of scholars and experts outside the Polytechnic of Turin qualified to carry out supplementary teaching activities.
He works for ITHACA since 2021.