Elisa Ilardi

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

Researcher at ITHACA since February 2019 for Rapid Mapping Project. Production of thematic maps and elaboration of geospatial information derived from Remote Sensing data in support of environmental disasters. Processing, interpretation and classification of satellite images to early impact analyses. Development of tools for feature extraction and automatic data processing in GIS  environments. Cooperation in LiDAR project for avalanche management.

Collaboration with Arbonaut oy Ltd in Joensuu, Finland from February 2018 to January 2019. Development of the ArboFIRM project for supporting strategic planning and decision-making for fire prevention and suppression on both the local and regional levels. The project is based on use of LiDAR data enhancing identification of canopy gaps, demonstration of potential fire spread and assessment of accessibility.

Interest in LiDAR data applications for the management of environmental disasters and the management of the post-event territory.

Master’s Degree in Forest and Environmental Sciences at the University of Padova, Italy (2017). Thesis research developed in collaboration with the University of Torino and the Alta Val di Susa Forestry Consortium. Title: “Potential and limits of low-density aircraft LiDAR data for forest management plans: the case of the Alta Val di Susa Forestry Consortium”.