Chiara Richiardi

Environmental Biologist, GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

She is a researcher at ITHACA since February 2019 for the Rapid Mapping Project. Production of thematic maps and elaboration of geospatial information derived from Remote Sensing data in support of environmental disasters. Processing, interpretation and classification of satellite images. Development of tools for feature extraction and automatic data processing in GIS environment. Collaborations with SEAcoop STP (Turin) from October 2017 to February 2018 and from November 2018 to February 2019. She is involved in methodology research, also through the use of GIS, for the evaluation of ecosystem services provided by agricultural landscapes.

Chiara holds a second level Master degree in "GIScience and Remote Piloting Systems for the integrated management of land and natural resources" achieved at the University of Padua, Italy (2018) and a master’s Degree in Environmental Biology achieved at the University of Turin, Italy (2017). Final dissertation, research developed in collaboration with ENEA, entitled “Analysis and assessment of ecological network and ecosystem services in the Stura di Lanzo, Orco and Malone basins (Piedmont)”.