Andrea Lessio

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

Andrea Lessio holds a Master’s degree in Forest and Environmental Sciences (University of Turin, 2014). After his academic studies he has been involved in remote sensing for agronomic and forest applications within various research grants. In particular his work was focused on the use of geomatics techniques and remote sensed data for applications in precision farming, crop monitoring and management. 

Researcher at ITHACA since February 2019 for rapid mapping products and tools. He is specialized in geomatics, remote sensing data processing, with specific regard to optical multispectral imagery, Geographic Information Systems, geostatistical and time series data analysis with specific focus on Forestry and Precision Agriculture techniques. He is involved in rapid mapping activities, especially for the Copernicus Emergency Management Service – Rapid Mapping module. 

He is also involved on: i) Copernicus In-Situ component as consultant to the European Environment Agency on geospatial reference data since 2020, ii) Land Cover validation for "Global Land High Resolution Hot Spot Monitoring within the Global Land Component of the Copernicus Land Service (C-GL-HRM) – Lot 1” -  2015-2019. 

He is author of some scientific papers concerning remote sensing techniques applied in agricultural and forestry context.