Rapid Mapping

Special Issue "Remote Sensing Images Processing for Disasters Response"

Remote Sensing journal issued a Special Issue titled "Remote Sensing Images Processing for Disasters Response".

This Special Issue welcomes contributions from the remote sensing community, in the form of pure and applied research, aimed at providing solutions supporting any step of a disaster response workflow. A non-exhaustive list of analysis steps based on remote sensing techniques includes the following:

  1. Data tasking optimization
  2. Procedure standardization and technical specifications
  3. Effective and efficient access to available reference data
  4. Post-event data acquisition
  5. Imagery pre-processing
  6. Data integration and fusion
  7. Innovative procedures for feature extraction
  8. Emergency crowdmapping
  9. Data publication and dissemination
  10. Best practices and operational examples

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 June 2020

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