International Cooperation

Satellite-based Rapid Mapping training in Lilongwe

Within the World Bank financed project MASDAP, ITHACA held a technical training session on Satellite-based Rapid Mapping in Lilongwe from September 29 to October 1.

The training course was focused on satellite-based emergency mapping and it was mainly aimed at making the attendees aware of the potentialities - as well as of the limits - of remote sensing in the emergency response domain. The 3 days training course addressed the following topics:

  • overview of satellite remote sensing principles (platform, sensors and data);
  • satellite imagery processing for the extraction of value-added information and integration in basic map templates in a GIS environment, including reference vector data management;
  • emergency mapping exercise focused on a flood event and based on publicly accessible data.

The next training session will be held in Malawi from December 15 to 19 and will be focused on the use of satellite data and weather prediction models rainfall data for vulnerability assessment.