International Cooperation

Prof. Boccardo, Chairman of ISPRS Disaster and Health Working Group

Prof. Boccardo, Director of ITHACA, was appointed as Chairman of Working Group I, which covers disaster and health, by the President of ISPRS Commission VIII, Haruhisa Shimoda of the Tokai University Research and Information Center.
ISPRS Commission VIII is composed of 8 Working Groups, and each WG has a Working Group Chairman, Woking Group Co-Chairmen, and a Secretary if necessary.
As a chairman, Boccardo will attend both the Kyoto meeting and Melbourne meeting. Also he is expected to organize his working group, and also to organize around 3 oral sessions in Kyoto. Each session is composed of 5 papers.
The final decision of the working group chairmen will be made at the coming ISPRS Council meeting, which will held from 12 October 2008.