Rapid Mapping

New version of the IWG-SEM Emergency Mapping Guidelines

A new Version 1 of the Emergency Mapping Guidelines of the International Working Group on Satellite Emergency Mapping (IWG-SEM) was launched in December 2015 and it will be reviewed by the end of 2016. ITHACA actively contributed to drafting and finalizing the document.

The general Guidelines document (aimed at supporting an effective exchange and harmonization of emergency mapping efforts leading to improved possibilities for cooperation amongst involved Emergency Mapping Organizations) is complemented by disaster-specific guidelines chapters found in part 3 of the document.

The floods-specific chapter is already included with this Version 1 release, and the Working Group is now developing an earthquake-specific chapter as well. Any suggestions, resources or contributions from the community are welcome for these efforts.

This NEW version 1 of the Guidelines can be downloaded here.