ITHACA to host the IWG-SEM Meeting

ITHACA will host the 4th International Working Group on Satellite based Emergency Mapping (IWG-SEM) Meeting from April 22nd to April 23rd.

The IWG-SEM is the voluntary group of organizations involved in satellite based emergency mapping. It was founded in April 2012 based on the suggestions from an initial meeting organized by DLR in Hohenkamer in September 2011. The group agreed to have yearly rotating chair who takes care of the agenda. At the moment the chairmanship is with European Commission's Joint Research Center (EC-JRC).

The group meets two times a year during the meetings organized by one of the members. During the meetings the group reviews of the what has been achieved and defines the steps forward. Furthermore the monthly regular teleconferences are held for discussions on particular matters of the group. Members of the group are DLR-ZKIEC-JRCGEOSENTINEL ASIA,SERTITSERVIRUNITAR/UNOSATUNOOSA/UN-SPIDERUSGS and ITHACA.

You can find more information about the Working Group on the GDACS web site.