Rapid Mapping

ITHACA staff in Port-au-Prince

After the arrival in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), ITHACA staff was transferred to Port-au-Prince (Haiti) on a UNHAS flight on February, 16th. At Log Base, which is located inside the airport, the WFP officers, Ramiro Lopes da Silva and Carlos Veloso, were contacted.

In the first days, the activity was to configure the laptops in order to create a network for sharing WFP SDI geodatabase replica for Haiti, install a plotter provided by WFP and test the GeoWasp system.

ITHACA staff also attended the Information Management meeting, chaired by OCHA with the participation of all organization interested in data acquisition, especially geographic data (among them Ushaidi, US Army, NGA, IMMAP, ReliefWeb, Shelter Cluster). The necessity of a centralized archive and of the definition of a single point of reference for data collection was commonly agreed. OneResponse by OCHA is the site used for sharing information. Two major data acquisition activities are now on-going: camps surveys and damage assessment. Major criticalities are lack of population data and decision support systems. ITHACA offered the capability of acquiring georeferenced images using the GeoWasp tool and gave the disponibility for developing Web-GIS applications.