ITHACA participated as invited speaker at the 7th Annual UN-SPIDER Conference in Beijing

The United Nations International Conference on Space-Based Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction – "Building Resilience through Integrated Applications" was held in Beijing, China from 23 to 25 October 2017 and counted about one hundred participants from 34 countries and eight regions.

Being operationally involved in two Copernicus services as well as in the In Situ Copernicus component, ITHACA was honoured to contribute to the plenary sessions of the conference - as invited speaker - with the following two presentations jointly prepared with JRC, EEA and E-GEOS:

  • Integrating “space” in DRR decision making at regional and international level: the EU Copernicus Emergency Management Service
  • Access and availability of in-situ data: the EU Copernicus In Situ component

Furthermore, ITHACA chaired the plenary session on "Integration of space and In situ data for Disaster Risk Reduction" and contributed to the final session where the conference concluding remarks were discussed and drafted.