International Cooperation

ITHACA delivers technical training to Malawi Gov't staff

Within the World Bank financed project MASDAP, ITHACA held a technical training session on the use of satellite data for vulnerability assessment in Blantyre from December 15 to 19, 2014.

The training course was mainly aimed at making the attendees aware of the potentialities of the integration of GIS, remote sensing and numerical weather prediction models for flood risk assessment. The trainees were provided with guidelines for extreme rainfall monitoring and forecasting using satellite and numerical weather prediction precipitation data, and for flood hazard assessment using exposure and vulnerability data available from the MASDAP platform.

The 4-day training course addressed the following topics:

  • Flood hazards assessment, parameters and techniques
  • Remote sensing precipitation data
  • Numerical weather prediction models (Global and Regional Scale)
  • Extreme rainfall thresholds and alerts
  • Integration of precipitation data with geographic information for flood risk assessment