ITHACA @ 9th UNGIWG Plenary Meeting in Vienna

From November 4th to 7th ITHACA attended the 9th UNGIWG Plenary Meeting in Vienna, Austria.

The UNGWIG Co-chairs reported on the status of the UN Spatial Data Infrastructure (UNSDI) initiative.

During the UNGIWG-9 closed sessions, UNGIWG members deliberated on the Interim UNSDI Framework Document, adopted the Ninth UNGIWG Plenary Resolution, discussed the Terms of Reference of key UNSDI bodies and elected the UNGIWG Co-chairs to serve for the next two years.

The main outcomes of UNGIWG-9 were the following:

  • Endorsement of the "Ninth UNGIWG Plenary Resolution" which commits UNGIWG to the development of a UN Spatial Dat Infrastructure (UNSDI);
  • Agreement that the Interim UNSDI Framework Document be revised so that it constitutes the basis for the first phase of UNSDI implementation in 2009-10;
  • Establishment of ad hoc UNGIWG Drafting Teams to finalize the Terms of References of UNSDI bodies (i.e. Steering Committee, Technical Advisory Group, Partners' Group) and to review the roles and responsibilities of the UNGIWG Task Groups to ensure complementarities with UNSDI bodies;
  • Election of UNOOSA and UNECA as UNGIWG Co-chairs for 2009-2010;
  • Decision to hold UNGIWG-10 in Bonn, Germany.