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ITHACA staff Cristina Monaco’s article wins the first prize at the Premio Rassegna Economica 2017

On Friday 20th April 2018, SRM Maritime Economy Institute at the Assembly Hall in Banco di Napoli (Naples) presented the Seventh Edition of the call for papers for the “Rassegna Economica” international journal; for this event, researchers from both Italian and foreign universities are invited to participate in the competition for the publication of essays concerning one of the following strands of research: the Underground Economy in Italy and in the Southern Italy (“Mezzogiorno”) and The competitive features and the evolutionary dynamics of the Maritime Economy in the Mezzogiorno and in the rest of Italy.

Early Warning Systems, International Cooperation, Web Applications

ITHACA presented 2 contributions at EGU 2018 Assembly (Vienna, 9-13 April 2018)

Both contributions focus the attention on ITHACA’s involvement in the framework of the DG ECHO funded project TRIBUTE.

ITHACA diventa uno dei 4 FabSpace italiani

ITHACA diventa sede di uno dei quattro nuovi FabSpace italiani, inaugurati durante il workshop FabSpace2.0 presso il Centro per Innovazione e Gestione del Trasferimento Tecnologico dell’Università di Varsavia, Polonia. Con ITHACA, il sono stati selezionati il CETEMPS dell’Università dell’Aquila, il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione dell’Università di Pavia, e l’Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Tecnologico di Venezia, che insieme ad altri dieci centri internazionali si vanno ad unire ai sei FabSpace esistenti, in Belgio, Francia, Grecia, Germania, Polonia, e Italia (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Informatica dell’Università Tor Vergata di Roma).


ITHACA participated as invited speaker at the 7th Annual UN-SPIDER Conference in Beijing

The United Nations International Conference on Space-Based Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction – "Building Resilience through Integrated Applications" was held in Beijing, China from 23 to 25 October 2017 and counted about one hundred participants from 34 countries and eight regions.


ITHACA contributed to the Summer School 'Sentinel for Water Resources' organised by the Italian Remote Sensing Association

On Sept, 19th 2017 ITHACA held a training session on Emergency Mapping for Flood events in the framework of the Summer School 'Sentinel for Water Resources' organised by the Italian Remote Sensing Association


Torino Mapping Party - 14 Ottobre 2017

Torino Mapping Party – Collaborative mapping for a better mobility è un evento pubblico che vuole coinvolgere mappatori esperti, cittadini e chiunque voglia partecipare e contribuire attivamente alle mappe OpenStreetMap utilizzate dal servizio di infomobilità Muoversi a Torino, il nuovo e innovativo servizio di calcolo percorso che favorisce una mobilità più facile e accessibile nell’area urbana e metropolitana torinese.
L'evento è organizzato da 5T e ITHACA con il patrocinio della Città di Torino ed inserito nel programma di Torino Design of the City, una settimana di incontri, esposizioni e workshop dedicati al design.

Dove e quando
Sabato 14 ottobre 2017 ore 9.00 @ Open Incet – Via Cigna 96/17, Torino

Che cos’è un mapping party?
Il mapping party è un evento in cui utenti esperti si riuniscono con utenti meno esperti, cittadini e chiunque voglia partecipare e contribuire allo spirito di condivisione della mappa e ottenere una conoscenza condivisa e ampia del territorio in cui si vive.
L’obiettivo del primo Torino Mapping Party è quello di coinvolgere i cittadini e chi vive la città a contribuire alle mappe OpenStreetMap utilizzate dal servizio di infomobilità Muoversi a Torino, con la raccolta e l’inserimento di dati e informazioni di pubblica utilità a beneficio di tutti coloro che vivono, lavorano o visitano Torino.
L’area oggetto di mappatura per questa prima edizione è il quartiere di Barriera di Milano.

Chi può partecipare?
La partecipazione è libera e gratuita fino ad un massimo di 40 partecipanti. Non è necessaria alcuna precedente esperienza con OpenStreetMap o con particolari tecniche di mappatura: i partecipanti più esperti potranno supportare quelli meno esperti.
Per maggiori informazioni, visita il sito

Event, International Cooperation

SUMP Project Final Conference in Yangon, Myanmar

On Wednesday July 26th the SUMP Project turned to an end with its final conference, held at Main Hall of Yangon City Development Committee.
The SUMP project supported Yangon in improving public transportation by building institutional technical capacities, creating a stronger strategic planning capacity, facilitating access to appropriate technologies and encouraging community participation in public decision-making.
The conference had the aim to share the experience gathered during the two year implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan project and to present its outcomes. It was attended by the secretary of Yangon City Development Committee, YCDC committee members, European Union Delegation, Italian Embassy and Italian Cooperation, Local Authorities (Township Administration, YCDC Township Administration), Traffic Police Force, Yangon Regional Transport Authority, Myanmar Railways, CBOs from project townships, Private Companies, media and other interested organizations working on Mobility and other Urban Developments.
In the final session of the conference participants, after having been informed about the activities implemented by the project, were able to debate with the Authorites about possible future pathways towards a more sustainable management of mobility in Yangon.
In a parallel event to the final conference, a “Mapping day” was implemented by SUMP project partners with the support of Phandeeyar and One Map. The topic was about uploading information on public transportation, street naming and public institutions to Open Street Map, a goal to be achieved with the support of voluntary mappers.

Event, International Cooperation

Institutional delegation from Yangon hosted at ITHACA in the framework of SUMP project

A delegation from Yangon, Myanmar, composed of 7 representatives led by Colonel Tin Aung Tun, Minister for Security & Border Affairs, visited its project partners in Torino in the week from May 22 to 26.


ITHACA's presence at international events on disaster management

It is a very busy September for ITHACA staff who is participating to various international events addressing the topics of disaster risk reduction and emergency management.

International Cooperation

ITHACA hosts a delegation from Yangon, Myanmar, in the framework of the SUMP project

On February 4 a delegation composed of 6 representatives of public institutions involved in urban mobility form the city of Yangon visited Ithaca premises as part of their mission to Torino planned within the SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning) project.

Rapid Mapping

ITHACA’s activities in support to humanitarian operations in Nepal: Copernicus EMS and OSM

Following the massive earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, the Rapid Mapping module of the COPERNICUS emergency management service, for which ITHACA is production site since 2012, was activated for mapping the areas hit by the catastrophe.

International Cooperation

AREAS+ project: new extension of the Second Call for EUROPEAN APPLICANTS only

AREAS+ second call for applications period has been extended until February 22nd 2015 for EUROPEAN APPLICANTS only. Applications are open for mobility to one of the Asian partner universities (check HERE for the full list).

International Cooperation

ITHACA hosts 3 Ethiopian interns for technical training on GIS and GPS systems

On October 20 ITHACA started a 3-week specialization module on GIS and GPS systems for 3 Ethiopian trainees in the framework of the WATSAM project, coordinated by Hydroaid - Water for Development Management Institute.

International Cooperation

AREAS+ First Call for Applications is open!

The AREAS+ project is coordinated by the Politecnico di Torino and financed by the European Union in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programme.

Rapid Mapping

Typhoon Haiyan: less than 6 hours after it struck the Philippines, the Copernicus Emergency Team was in action

International NGOs and the UN will bring aid in the field using disaster maps issued by the the European Commission's Copernicus Emergency Management Service soon after Typhoon Haiyan violently struck the Philippines on the 8th of November. The first damage assessment maps show the most affected areas of Tacloban City.

International Cooperation

AREAS+ kick-off meeting in Kuala Lumpur

The AREAS+ project, coordinated by the Politecnico di Torino, has kicked-off last week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where all the partners gathered together for its launch.

International Cooperation

Signed Memorandum of Understanding between ITHACA and the Meteorological Service of Catalonia

On May 16th ITHACA and the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide a collaboration within which both èarties may develop common activities aimed at sharing knowledge and innovative methodologies in the use of geoinformation for disaster risk management combined with numerical weather prediction (NWP) and hydrodynamic capabilities.


ITHACA opens to the public during the Science Weeks in Torino (May 14 and 21)

The event lies within the Science Weeks initiative, organized by Centro Scienza, with the aim to foster and nourish people's interest in science. In the months of May and June, Torino will host events and projects which will encourage the great public to discover more about scientific research and its effects on everyday life.

International Cooperation

ITHACA in Myanmar

EuropeAid finances a 3-year grant for the project «Environmental protection and sustainable development: building local capacities on solid waste management in Myanmar». ITHACA will be collaborating in a EU-cofunded project led by the City of Torino, in partnership with the City of Yangon and CESVI Onlus. The project is expected to build up local authorities technical and institutional capacities in the field of solid waste management, through the creation of an updated geographic information system and contributing to the community awareness on best practices. Visit also: Città di Torino AMIAT CESVI Onlus


ITHACA exhibits at PROTEC ITALIA - Torino, 29 Nov-2 Dec 2012

From 29 November to 2 December 2012 ITHACA will be present at PROTEC ITALIA within Politecnico di Torino exhibiting space.


Discover ITHACA at Torino Researchers' Night 28 September 2012

The Researchers' Night is an event bringing together the public at large and researchers. It occurs annually on the fourth Friday of September all over Europe. This year’s edition will take place in 320 European cities in 32 countries. Its main objective is to reveal scientists and science in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

International Cooperation

ITHACA provides technical support and training to the World Bank and the Government of Malawi

In the framework of the partnership between the World Bank and the Government of Malawi for flood risk reduction in the Shire River Basin, ITHACA has been appointed technical consultant for the development and implementation of a web-based data sharing tool based on GeoNode (, the free and open-source software which is being used in a number of other OpenDRI projects in the region and around the world.

International Cooperation

ITHACA is mapping service provider for EU emergency management

ITHACA, in consortium with the leading Italian e-Geos, the German GAF and the French SIRS, is in charge of the provision of mapping products to be delivered to the authorized users active in the field of crisis management in the EU Member States, in addition to the European Civil Protection Mechanism, the Commission's Directorates-General (DGs) and the participating executive agencies and international humanitarian aid.