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Rapid Mapping

Special Issue "Remote Sensing Images Processing for Disasters Response"

Remote Sensing journal issued a Special Issue titled "Remote Sensing Images Processing for Disasters Response".

Rapid Mapping

Sentinel-1A satellite aids flood relief in the Balkans

For the first time Sentinel-1A satellite was operationally used to support emergency management operations in the Balkans, where prolonged heavy rainfalls and widespread flooding since the 15th of May 2014 triggered the declaration of the State of Emergency.

International Cooperation

GIS training in Yangon

In the framework of the EuropeAid funded project aimed at building local capacities on soil waste management in Myanmar, ITHACA organized and held a training course on GIS.

Spatial Data Infrastructure

UN WFP Spatial Data Infrastructure

WFP SDI is a platform that provides to final users a complete set of functionalities for acquiring, managing, analyzing, representing and disseminating geographically related information.


UNGIWG Meeting, Geneva, 14-16 March 2011

The United Nations Geographical Information Working Group (UNGIWG) is a network of professionals working in the fields of cartography and geographic information science to building the UN Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Rapid Mapping

Damage assessment in Port-au-Prince

ITHACA staff deployed in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) has started the damage assessment using the LCMMS (Low Cost Mobile Mapping System) jointly developed by Politecnico di Torino and ITHACA itself.